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  • The hands do not move.

    To test to see if the hands are working, stand in front of the Robot, wait for it to see you then wave at it. The Robot should wave back. If it doesn’t, reboot the Robot and repeat the first step.

    If the problem persists, please contact the Customer Care.

  • A part of my Robot is extremely hot.

    Check that the ventilators at the back of the head are not obstructed. Press the Chest Button once and the Robot will announce its IP address and list any problems if there are any. 

    Please see the Support section for advice on addressing any problems. Otherwise, turn the Robot OFF and let it cool down for at least 5 minutes.

    If the part is still hot, please contact Customer Care.

  • The Robot did not say “OGNAK GNUK”, is it ON?

    Check the Robot’s LEDs to make sure the Start-Up process is over then turn the Robot OFF and reboot it by pressing the Chest Button for 3 seconds.

    The Robot should say “”OGNAK GNUK”” at the end of the Start-Up process. If it doesn’t, please contact Customer Care.

  • A plastic part of my robot is broken, how can I fix it?

    Don’t! Seriously – don’t try and fix the Robot yourself as this will nullify the terms of your warranty. Please contact the Customer support team and we’ll get Pepper fixed for you.

    Contact customer support for Pepper.

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