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  • Will the Robot recognize me as a human if I wear a mask, for example?

    Yes, the Robot will recognize you as a human even if you are wearing a mask, as our Robots are designed to recognize human shapes rather than facial features. Super-Villains beware. 

  • Can I take my Robot to the closest logistic/repair center?

    No, you cannot take your Robot to a logistic/repair center as they are not prepared to receive Robots from private individuals.

    If you have a problem with your Robot, check the FAQ and Support section. If this doesn’t help, then contact Customer Care.

  • Can I exchange the heads of my Robots?

    Yes, heads can be exchanged on the same model.

  • What can I do to improve the lifespan of my battery?

    To improve the lifespan of your battery during storage, follow storage recommendations concerning temperature and humidity and charge the battery fully every 3 months even if you have no intention of using the Robot. 

    When using the Robot:

    Do not try to empty the battery completely and only use the battery charger provided with the Robot or one approved by Aldebaran Robotics.

  • Can my Robot take pictures?

    Yes – but this feature is not installed by default in the Robot. It can be downloaded through the Store.

  • Can the Robot be confused by animals or objects in the zone? (TV, poster)

    The Robot can be confused by animals or animated objects, as it will see movement or hear a noise which will register on some level with its system. However, if the Robot cannot associate this movement or sound to a Human, it will pay no further attention to it.

  • What is HAL?

    Nothing to do with the film 2001: A Space Odyssey,  HAL is short for (“hardware abstraction layer” or “hardware annotation library”) and is an operating system that functions as an interface between a system’s hardware and software. It provides a consistent hardware platform on which to run applications.

  • Can I shake hands to greet my Robot?

    We have an App for that. If you want your Robot to shake hands with you, you will have to download and install the application. Have fun!

  • Can I have a conversation with NAO in my language?

    The level of support and integration of dialog for available languages is available at the following address: Available languages.

  • The Robot seems to be behaving differently. Does its content change?

    Yes. Our Robots are designed to constantly evolve. Like a child, they are supposed to learn new things. Our Robots do this through updates which integrate new Behaviors.

  • How do I launch an Activity on Pepper?

    Make sure Pepper is listening, then say:

    Start” + the Activity name, or
    one of the Trigger sentences, if any.

    Pepper will automatically starts the corresponding Activity.

    For further details, see: Launching an Activity.

  • What is Autonomous Life?

    Autonomous Life is the application that makes Pepper work as an autonomous entity. Similar to a state machine – Autonomous Life runs in the background and keeps Pepper moving, aware of its surrounding and enables Pepper to shut down correctly in case of emergencies. 

  • Can I launch an application? If so, how?

    There are two ways to launch an application. One way is using a voice command and the other way is done automatically through Showtime. If Pepper is in a shop environment, you will only be able launch applications by voice. Therefore, if you ask your Robot to dance, it may not comply as that application may only be launched through Showtime.

  • What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and everything?


  • What are the applications?

    Applications are pieces of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose. There are two types of applications:

    Built-in (or bundled) applications: These are preinstalled on the device and cannot be deleted. They are essential to the functioning of the Robot.

    Downloaded applications: You may download these applications and delete them whenever you want. They are not essential to the functioning of the Robot but allow you to customize your Robot to fit your purpose.

  • The Robot asked me to reboot it. Why and what do I do?

    The Robot will ask you to reboot it to update its software and applications. If that happens, turn the Robot OFF and turn it back again by pressing the Chest Button for 4 seconds.

  • What happens if I operate the Robot in temperatures of under 15°C and above 30°C?

    The Robot is designed to function in temperature of between 15°C and 30°C. Under or above these temperature, it is not guaranteed that the Robot will function correctly. Do not to use the Robot above or below these temperatures as it may void the warranty.

  • Can I use my robot outdoor?

    Your robot has been designed for indoor use only.

  • Can I increase the memory of my Robot?

    No. The memory amount is embedded and cannot be increased.

  • Can I use domestic wipes to clean my Robot?

    Actually it is best to use a damp cloth, as domestic wipes may not be suitable for the Robot and may damage the plastic finish. Any damage to the Robot due to cleaning may void your warranty.

  • My warranty is expired or void, can I still get my robot repaired?

    Yes, repair is still possible even if your warranty is expired or void. Please contact Customer support team to get further information and a cost estimate.

  • What is Stiffness?

    Stiffness is the torque limitation into the motors. If the stiffness is ON, you cannot move the limbs of the Robot. If it is OFF, you can move them.

  • How is the quality of the robots guaranteed?

    The robots are tested according to International, European Regulations and Directives. They comply with electrical/electronic and radio health and safety regulations (at least in Europe, Japan and USA). The Robot’s performance and reliability are tested in real life conditions. See our Safety Guide for additional information.

  • Who is Aldebaran?

    Aldebaran are a French company created by Bruno Maisonnier in 2005, and acquired by Softbank Robotics in 2015. We design, produce and commercialize autonomous humanoid robots to help people. 

  • Can I disassemble my robot?

    No. As we’ve said before, seriously – don’t try and fix the Robot yourself as this will nullify the terms of your warranty. Please contact the Customer support team and we’ll get Pepper fixed for you.

  • Can the Robot bump into me?

    The Robot has many sensors that prevent it from bumping into things. This ensures the safety of the Robot, its environment, and above all – you.

  • Do I need to always be connected to the Internet?

    Yes. Some applications, such as the speech application, require a constant Internet connection. If the Robot is not connected, its performance will be limited.

  • How long does the Firmware upgrade process take?

    The average duration of the upgrade process is 20 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet link. It can also vary depending on the number of elements to update.

  • I want to use my Smartphone/Tablet/Computer to remotely control the Robot.

    Right now Pepper cannot be controlled remotely by mobile device – but this could change any minute, as our development community is constantly finding new ways to control Pepper so check to see if an App exists to do this. 

  • Can the Robot see in the dark?

    Both Pepper and NAO Robots cannot see in the dark, but its lasers allow it to detect obstacles. To prevent accidents, it is recommended to always use the Robot in a correctly lit environment.

  • How do I clean my Robot?

    To remove stains and clean the exterior of Pepper, first make sure all cables are unplugged, the battery charger is unplugged from the wall socket and the robot is off. Using a damp soft cloth, just clean the surface of the Robot. Make sure to avoid the grilles and joints to prevent moisture from entering the casing. When finished, dry the Robot using a soft dry cloth to remove any last traces of moisture.

  • Do I need robotic skills to use the Robot?

    No, you don’t need robotics skills to use our products. At SoftBank Robotics, we create Robots that help people and design them so that they can be easily used by anyone.

  • What is “OGNAK GNUK” and “GNUK GNUK”?

    “OGNAK GNUK” and “GNUK GNUK” mean “Hello” and “Goodbye” in Bidi, the language used by Robots.

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Problems & Solutions 6 Questions
  • The hands do not move.

    To test to see if the hands are working, stand in front of the Robot, wait for it to see you then wave at it. The Robot should wave back. If it doesn’t, reboot the Robot and repeat the first step.

    If the problem persists, please contact the Customer Care.

  • A part of my Robot is extremely hot.

    Check that the ventilators at the back of the head are not obstructed. Press the Chest Button once and the Robot will announce its IP address and list any problems if there are any. 

    Please see the Support section for advice on addressing any problems. Otherwise, turn the Robot OFF and let it cool down for at least 5 minutes.

    If the part is still hot, please contact Customer Care.

  • Can I take my Robot to the store for repair?

    The stores are currently not equipped for repairs. First, check the rest of the FAQ to see if you can solve your problem.

    If you need to repair your Robot, please contact the Customer Care with your problem. They will organize a repair if necessary.

  • I forgot the password of my robot.

    The default credentials of your robot are:
    login : “nao”,
    password : “nao”.

    If you have changed the credentials and you no longer remember them, the only way to reset them is to do a factory reset.

    For Pepper, please contact the customer support team.

  • The Robot did not say “OGNAK GNUK”, is it ON?

    Check the Robot’s LEDs to make sure the Start-Up process is over then turn the Robot OFF and reboot it by pressing the Chest Button for 3 seconds.

    The Robot should say “”OGNAK GNUK”” at the end of the Start-Up process. If it doesn’t, please contact Customer Care.

  • A plastic part of my robot is broken, how can I fix it?

    Don’t! Seriously – don’t try and fix the Robot yourself as this will nullify the terms of your warranty. Please contact the Customer support team and we’ll get Pepper fixed for you.

    Contact customer support for Pepper.

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