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Unbox the robot

Turn Pepper ON

Enter the Settings

Set the volume (70-90) and the brightness of the tablet (100) in the “My Robot” menu (see down below)

Set the WiFi configuration in the Network Settings e.g. by using a QR code or the hidden network button (see part 2.5)

Update your applications in the “Update your applications” menu, if updates are available (see down below)

In “Advanced Settings” you can set your language and timezone (see down below)


Settings Menu

Main uses:

  • Setting up a WiFi connection
  • Updating the applications
  • Adjust the volume
  • Setting the tablet brightness


Accessing the Settings Menu

Put Pepper in Rest Mode (see Pepper handbook)

Press on the screen for at least 5 seconds

An input field pops up. Enter the code to access the Settings Menu

* The Code:
You will get the code from Humanizing-Technologies. If you don’t have a code yet, please contact Humanizing-Technologies Customer Support. Support


Menu description

1. My Robot
2. Network Settings
3. Update Settings
4. Advanced Settings
5. Close the Settings Menu


“My Robot” page

1. Set the volume
2. Mute
3. Set the brightness of the tablet
4. Battery level
5. Software version currently running on Pepper


Network Settings page

1. Network Tab:

  • green: connected with WiFi and Internet
  • orange: connected with WiFi but not with the Internet
  • red: not connected

2. Available networks
3. Connect to a hidden network
4. Connect to the WiFi using a QR code


Connect to a hidden network


Update your Applications page

1. Applications Tab

  • green: updated
  • orange: Update available

2. If applications need to be updated, you should click on this button

Information: Peppers applicationen may be already installed and up to date, when you receive and unbox your robot.


Advanced Settings page

1. Set robot language
2. Set timezone
3. Enable diagnosis and usage report (You should only press this button after consulting support – Support)
4. Perform a Factory Reset (You should only press this button after consulting support – Support)
5. Robot name: you can change that, if needed for network configuration

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