Troubleshooting Guidlines

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Our support team will help you to bypass and report bugs, which are program errors.

In general, we fix critical “bugs” in the next maintenance version.

Non-critical “bugs” are classified in stages according to their importance.

 report a „bug“


Report “bugs”

HT always strives to help you verifying bugs. Please create a ticket and give us as much information as possible on how to replicate the problem encountered. So we can reconstruct the error and work on it as quickly as possible. We will also try to occasionally offer you a workaround if possible.


Search existing “bug” reports

Just use the search function of our support page to find bug reports that have already been routed to us, that we have already solved and that we considered so important that we wanted to make them available to you.


How we approach troubleshooting

Maintenance versions, dealing with the most critical errors, will be provided as soon as possible. Therefore, it may happen that such updates occur more frequently.

If the program error is critical (for example, if the main functions of an application are not executed properly), it will be resolved in the following maintenance release, provided that:

The solution is technically feasible (no major architectural modification of the application is required)

It does not affect the quality or integrity of a product


In the case of non-critical errors, processing is hierarchical according to the following criteria

How many other features are affected by this bug

Is there an effective workaround

How difficult is the error to fix

How many problems can be solved at the same time by this troubleshooting


The assessment of non-critical errors also includes how severe the error is from the perspective of our customers, how often it occurs, and whether any future changes or additions to the application will make that error obsolete.

Developers who fix bugs also monitor for existing bug reports or new ones. Therefore, it is possible that we are already working on a problem that you are in the process of submitting.

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